Jul 10, 2023 531

CVV-free payments are crucial to increase user satisfaction!


CVV-free payments provide a fast and convenient experience by eliminating the need for CVV entry, while ensuring security and support from leading payment networks like Visa and Mastercard, as implemented by Cashfree Payments in India.

CVV-free payments play a crucial role in enhancing user satisfaction. These types of payments offer customers a faster and more convenient experience when using registered cards (tokenized) on platforms like Visa and Mastercard. By eliminating the need to enter a CVV, the checkout process is simplified, resulting in a significant reduction in payment time, often as low as five seconds. Recognizing the importance of this advancement, Cashfree Payments, an API-based banking company in India, has taken a significant step forward in implementing innovations for card payments without CVV.

To ensure the security of customer card information, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced guidelines on the 'CoFT' (tokenization) process. This process involves securely encrypting the card details and storing them for limited access between card networks and card-issuing banks. By adhering to these guidelines, enhanced security measures are put in place, providing peace of mind to customers.

Visa and Mastercard, as leading payment network providers, also express their satisfaction with these solutions that offer convenience to customers. They are actively involved in supporting and providing solutions that simplify the payment experience.