Jul 10, 2023 1040

Exciting News! Kickbox 2.0. Program Reaches Another Goldbox Project!


We are thrilled to announce that another exceptional project has made it to the final stage of the Kickbox program and has been awarded the prestigious Goldbox designation.

We are honored to announce that another great project has made it to the final part of the Kickbox program and has successfully passed the prestigious Goldbox stage. "Dtech Digital Learning Center,"- a project led by Zaur Izmayilov- plans to create a platform to facilitate digital e-learning courses by providing interactive and flexible training to employees. Zaur plans to develop various types of digital content, including electronic courses, video courses, video instructions, podcasts, interactive cases, and quizzes, all tailored to specific needs and demands. The team aims to implement modern 3D and virtual reality technologies and offer the next-level learning experience to all users. Their future growth plans include opening to local and foreign companies.

Zaur has achieved a successful deal with Innovation Sponsor PASHA Holding and will start the implementation of Dtech as the Product Owner at PASHA HUB- the major beneficiary of the platform. We wish Zaur all the best as he embarks on this exciting journey to bring his innovative project to life!

Kickbox 2.0. Update

PASHA Holding and its strategic assets launched the KickBox program in October 2021. The program’s main goals are to develop internal entrepreneurship, develop an innovation culture within-group, identify innovative business ideas, and support their implementation.

Since the launch of the program, 320 ideas were submitted, out of which more than 99 were moved to the Redbox stage, 20 were approved to the BlueBox stage and 4 were approved to the Goldbox stage.

The total investment amount is 551,585 AZN for projects in the BlueBox stage and 53,000 AZN for projects in the GoldBox stage.

Click here to submit your idea: ph.getkickbox.com

It should be noted that the KickBox project continues in our companies, and any employee can apply to the program with their business idea. All you have to do is enter the Kickbox platform and complete the application form.