Jul 10, 2023 1096

First workshop of the Redbox Phase (Segment Definition and Problem Validation) under Kickbox program was held on 07 July 2023.


We are thrilled to announce that the new cohort of passionate intrapreneurs started the Redbox Phase of their Kickbox journey to build and grow their innovative ideas. The first workshop took place on July 7th at ADA University - PASHA Hub and was dedicated to discussion of Segment Definition and Problem Validation. Our passionate participants embarked on an exciting journey to define their target customer segments, uncover their needs and problems, and refine their ideas to address these challenges. Led by our experienced mentors, they engaged in collaborative discussions, received valuable feedback, and honed their skills in preparation for the upcoming pitch presentations.

Currently we have 15 bright projects involved in Redbox stage. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by our participants are truly inspiring, and we are looking forward to all the progress that they will display to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

If you want to become one of them and have a business idea, don’t hesitate to join! We promise that this will be one of the most challenging yet the most transformative experiences for you, where you will get a unique opportunity to test the most creative ideas of yours and work towards the results. The deadline for joining Cohort 3 remains open until August 24th, offering you a remarkable opportunity to bring your ideas to life and participate in the upcoming workshops.

Our Redbox Phase workshops provide an invaluable platform for learning, growth, and collaboration. By attending these workshops, you will not only gain essential knowledge and skills but also connect with like-minded individuals, experienced mentors, and industry experts. You will receive guidance to validate your ideas, refine your business models, and craft compelling pitch presentations that capture the attention of potential investors.

Remember, this is your chance to turn your innovative ideas into reality. Together, we can unleash the power of creativity, disrupt industries, and make a lasting impact.

To submit your business idea or learn more about the Redbox Phase and upcoming workshops, please visit ph.getkickbox.com

Join us on this remarkable journey of innovation, growth, and success.