Jul 10, 2023 615

Intense interest in KOBIL Secure SuperApp at Fintex Summit 2023 in Baku


Fintex Summit 2023, organized in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, hosted the most important financial actors of the region this year. With more than 35 years of experience and cutting-edge technology solutions, KOBIL, which pioneered the field of digital security, took its place among the sponsors of the Summit, and the SuperApp applications it developed attracted great interest.

Fintex Summit 2023, held in Baku, Azerbaijan on June 13-14, emerged as one of the region's most significant financial events, bringing together industry leaders, academics, and government officials. KOBIL, a trusted name in digital security with over 35 years of experience, participated in the two-day Summit, which received support from the Azerbaijan Banks Association, Azerbaijan Central Bank, Azerbaijan FinTech Association, Azerbaijan Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, and Azerbaijan Economic Reforms and Communication Analysis Center. KOBIL was also among the sponsors.

During the summit, KOBIL's Commercial Group President, Onur Kartal, delivered an opening speech titled "The Future of Banking with SuperApps," shedding light on how the platform economy and SuperApps shape the banking sector's future. KOBIL, renowned for its patented secure data technology solutions offered by KOBIL GmbH, took the opportunity to introduce the SuperApp platform at the event.

Dilara Koyun, KOBIL's Deputy General Manager for Channel and Business Partnership Management, expressed great satisfaction with attending Fintex Summit 2023. She highlighted the importance of strengthening relations and cooperation in Azerbaijan's banking sector and believed it would contribute to the international competitiveness of both countries. Koyun also emphasized that leading finance giants worldwide have chosen KOBIL due to their commitment to cutting-edge financial solutions and secure transactions.

Koyun further highlighted the successful implementation of Istanbul Seni, the first city SuperApp in Turkey and the world, in cooperation with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. She emphasized that this innovative application demonstrates the versatile application of KOBIL's Secure SuperApp technology, allowing citizens to securely access all municipal services. The goal is to expand this innovative solution to cities worldwide.

Onur Kartal, KOBIL's President, emphasized the company's leadership in digital security solutions. He highlighted KOBIL Secure SuperApp, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) product that offers a critical competitive advantage in today's platform business model-oriented market dynamics. The Secure SuperApp enables banks and financial services to rapidly acquire a mobile platform and create their own ecosystems. Kartal highlighted KOBIL's track record of revolutionizing digital security solutions since 1986, providing cutting-edge solutions ranging from application protection to user authentication, transaction authorization, and the SuperApp platform. With a global workforce of over 300 employees and collaborations with more than 50,000 stakeholders, including banks, SMEs, and start-ups, KOBIL takes pride in delivering its technology to over 100 million end users to date. The company remains dedicated to further expanding its reach.